Professional Website Design Company Peterborough
22Feb, 2023

Benefits to Hire a Professional Website Design Company?

Top benefits of contracting a professional website design company in Peterborough. No matter how big your organisation is, you need a website. Not just any sort of website; your organisation needs a professional website design company. There are several items that impact how visitors view your company. A web page that’s boring, takes too long […]

Why SEO matters for small businesses
04Jan, 2023

Why SEO Matters?

Several local business owners ask us ‘Why SEO Matters’? Based on recent studies, users trust organic search more than the paid results (about 80% of visitors click only organic). It is believed that organic results are more trusted and leads quality is significantly higher. For this reason, organic search traffic is more likely to convert 2x […]

Increase sales with digital marketing strategies
14May, 2022

Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales When we talk about digital marketing, the first thing that pops up in a person’s mind is social media marketing. However, social media is just a fraction of the numerous digital tactics that we shall discuss as the article progresses. The core purpose of a comprehensive digital investment is […]

7 Digital Marketing Myths Explained
06Apr, 2022

7 Digital Marketing Myths Explained

Top Online Marketing Myths You Didn’t Know Are you planning a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy? When you proceed, you will come across many myths about digital marketing that can hold you back. It’s time to separate fact from fiction. Let’s take a look at some of the most common digital marketing myths. 1. Click-through Rate […]

Google Tool to WordPress
11Mar, 2021

Google Tool to WordPress

If your website was built using WordPress CMS, this Google tool might be just what you need. 2019 Google WordPress Plugin Google has introduced a new WordPress plugin (Site Kit) which allow users to access key metrics and insights from four different Google products – Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, as well as Page Speed Insights, […]