Why SEO Matters?

Why SEO matters for small businesses
04Jan, 2023

Several local business owners ask us ‘Why SEO Matters’? Based on recent studies, users trust organic search more than the paid results (about 80% of visitors click only organic). It is believed that organic results are more trusted and leads quality is significantly higher. For this reason, organic search traffic is more likely to convert 2x higher than paid traffic.


What is SEO and How it Works

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of optimizing digital assets, including websites, blogs, images, social media profiles, videos, etc to get organic (not paid) high positions on the search engines. SEO is probably the most time consuming and evolving part of any marketing campaign – but it gives the highest results in terms of delivering and connecting with consumers.

There are many factors that impact rankings; however, it all comes down to creating unique and valuable content that solves a problem. After all, when people visit Google is to ask a question, and here is the opportunity for your digital assets to show up on top. Websites showing on page one result are most likely to get clicks that sites listed on page two and beyond.

Ranking position and clicks

Image source: www.advancedwebranking.com


Factors that Impact SEO

To keep it simple let’s just check the top 3 factors that can impact your rankings.

Content marketing. As always, content is king! This means to get your digital assets the best possible chances of ranking high with the search engines, you must have unique and quality content. The content you create must be optimized for both, the search engine and your human visitors.

On-page SEO. Here there are several elements that take place. From user signals to technical and user experience. As well as page structure, internal links and more. A website can be bespoke and have the wow factor, however, if it is not optimized for search, it will land nowhere.

Off-page SEO. Depending on the competition, off-page SEO strategy is a must. Factors that can impact your off-page SEO is social signals and quality backlinks.


What is Local SEO?

Since we are talking about SEO, let’s just clarify what local SEO means. In a nutshell, local SEO is optimizing your Google My Business listing. Recently, Google rolled a major update to the Google Maps search results. When it comes to optimization, it is important to complete your business profile, as well as keeping it active with new images and posts. However, you will also need local citations in order to give you GMB a better position.


Image source: Thinkwithgoogle.com


SEO Strategies for Niche Services

We asked a few business owners about their current SEO strategy, and most of them offered a similar answer. That they have an SEO person working with them. That they understand their niche and are trying to position their online assets on page one organic results.

It is understandable that page one organic rankings may take some time to reach. However, if you already spent a year or more and your website still not ranking on page one for your targeted keyword, it is time to try something new.

Search engines look for quality, unique content that will give the user the best possible solution to their inquiry, issue or problem.

Here are just a few tips to improve your page rankings:

  1. Find “Opportunity Keywords”
  2. Assess Your Competition
  3. Create Value
  4. Content Optimization
  5. Overdeliver
  6. Increase Domain Authority
  7. Increase Social Signals


Why Hire an SEO Specialist?

So many call themselves SEO specialist nowadays, so how can you identify and hire a trustworthy one. The answer is, go beyond good online reviews. It is all about RESULTS. Ask for recent project results, timeline and project steps.

We built our reputation on creating and delivering winning digital marketing campaigns that deliver results! With over 10 years’ experience in SEO, website design, and digital marketing our team can create and implement digital marketing campaigns to any niche/industry.


Final Takeaways

Perhaps after learning more about SEO and how it can impact your digital presence, you can make changes to your current situation. It is important to know how and where your website and other digital assets are found online.

Keep in mind that when you look for your own services, your desktop browser or cellphone is cached with your own assets. Be sure to clear your browser’s cache (for pc click Ctrl+Shift+Delete for the clear cache options). This will give you true results.

SEO is always evolving, and experts must evolve with it. Following the best practices by creating quality and unique content that focus on helping visitors to find the solution they are looking for.

Need help with your SEO? If you are not happy with your current search engine rankings, it may be the time to give us a call. At Wolf Digital Marketing we strive to deliver quality SEO services that will help improve your rankings and bring relevant organic traffic to your digital assets!