Benefits to Hire a Professional Website Design Company?

Professional Website Design Company Peterborough
22Feb, 2023

Top benefits of contracting a professional website design company in Peterborough.

No matter how big your organisation is, you need a website. Not just any sort of website; your organisation needs a professional website design company. There are several items that impact how visitors view your company. A web page that’s boring, takes too long to load, and does not answer what users are searching for, will most likely to miss out opportunities to engage with potential new customers.

Many small businesses get enticed by the simplicity and low cost of creating a website for their business using structures like Squarespace, Godaddy, and Wix. They sure make it look so simple. And besides, if you’re the owner of a small company, then you’ve got to attempt developing it yourself, right?

But without professional assistance, your efforts to save money now might do more harm than good. You will find yourself with a website that does not capture the user’s attention, it is slow, and is not optimized for organic results. The appearance and functionality of your website can make or break your digital presence.

What to consider when searching for a website designer?

There are many companies and individuals out there that call themselves “website designer” but not all have the client’s best interest in mind. A professional website designer would first ask you “What is the purpose of your website?”, then “Do you have a list of targeted keywords?” and other details about your brand and company.

To us, creating a website goes beyond just creating a beautifully branded site. To us, websites are created with rankings in mind. After all, how would people find your business online? You may say throughout social media and PPC. Yes, it sure can help people find your business online, however, an optimized website will also give you better chances of conversion and improve the advert rating, which in turn can help to lower the ad spend costs.


Often-overlooked website design requirements are:

  • the website must work on all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile).
  • It must be engaging and versatile.
  • It should have a fast upload (no one likes to wait for a website to upload).

As a business owner, you have many things to do, and creating a website shouldn’t be one of them. You have a business to run, services to perform, and products to deliver. Working with a professional website designer would take a load of work from you, and it would give you a website that reflects your brand and business.


Can I really save money with a professional website design company?

The answer is, Yes! When a website design is done right from the start, it will not only give you more prospects and business, aid to save on advert costs, but also would save you money from having it redone. For those who are thinking of having their website redone, just think that the sooner you do it the more you would gain.



Branding. A professional website designer would create a site that reflects your company’s brand and goals. Delivering to the users the right message about your company and building trust.

Long term performance. When you work with a professional site designer, they will also ensure that your website will perform the way it should. They warrant that any technical errors are fixed, all forms are working, social media connected, images and content are optimized, search engine scripts and tags are in place, and more.

Hosting and CMS. In order to have a website that performs well, it is also important to select your website’s hosting and CMS. There are many options out there, however, to have a faster website upload a website designer should also make recommendations that will help to deliver a great website.

Multiple websites. Your main website should be used as much as possible. Although, if you want to have dedicated landing pages to be used for PPC campaigns, these pages should also have the same look and feel like the main website. Keep in mind that for landing pages, they should follow certain structure to ensure user engagement and conversions.

Stay ahead of your competition. With a branded, optimized, mobile-friendly website you can rest assured that potential new customers will see you as an innovative and modern company.


Elements of an excellent website.

Stand out from the crowd! Why people would hire your business versus another company? What makes your business the one they want to call and hire? When your website is found online, you have a small window of opportunity. Users will click on your link and then what? If takes too long to open, they will just click back. If it opens but it doesn’t speak with them or answer their question or need, they would click back. By creating a website that covers and solve these issues chances are that you will have a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate.

Common website issues include:

  • Slow upload
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Lack of content – or too much content
  • Confusing navigation
  • Vague call to action
  • Technical errors
  • Poor design


There are many design elements that must be addressed, here are just a few to consider:

Problem solver. That is right, your services or products are solving someone’s problem. So, ensure your website would include details about your services, the benefits and what they could expect from working with you.

Memorable. Many users nowadays will visit many sites and read about their services, products, reviews and more before deciding. So, be sure to stand out.

Multiple calls to action. When designing or re-designing a website, it is important to give your user multiple options to contact you. Some people like to call, others to chat or send an email. By having multiple calls to action options will help to increase your conversion rate.

Your style. A website designer will help you to find a happy medium where your style will match what users would appreciate. The structure and content of each page should be consistent – background color, logo design, font type, color scheme and more.

SEO company Peterborough

SEO Implementation in Website Design.

When it comes to SEO, many web designers would just consider site speed/performance. However, SEO is a bit more complex than that – from a content quality, headings, image name, and size to meta titles and more.

Search engines are always evolving, so to implement an SEO marketing strategy that will give you results, one must be aware of the most current updates and changes. Some SEO elements include:

  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-page SEO


Working with us.

At Wolf Digital Marketing, we understand how difficult it can be to run a full-time business and try to handle the company’s digital marketing presence at the same time. We can help! Our team is specialized in website design and SEO so you can put it out of your mind and concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

When creating (or redoing) a website, we take into consideration all elements:

  • Your brand, services, and goals
  • The user, providing a good experience, ease of use, fast speed and fully functional website
  • The search engines, incorporating the most recent SEO strategies and techniques to give your website the best possible chances of ranking higher

We don’t leave anything to chance, every website is created with specific targeted users and location!

Would you like some information, or ready to get started with a new website (or a site redo)? Give us a call 07721 730 704 or click here to send us an email.