Strategically Incorporate Videos in Your Marketing Plan

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24Jan, 2021

The hottest topic of content marketing right now involves “videos”. You can’t scroll through Facebook without coming across at least a dozen videos in the first 5 seconds, and you probably have a YouTube channel with your brand name on it. That’s a plus point in your corner because billions of users are currently on this platform. However, doesn’t YouTube seem a bit ancient to you? Here’s what we suggest: it’s high time you use social media platforms to your advantage.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular social media platforms for video marketing:

Facebook (45 minutes)

  • 71% adult users

Twitter (2 minutes 30 seconds)

  • 26% adult users

Instagram (60 seconds)

  • 38% adult users

Snapchat (10 – 60 seconds)

  • 29% adult users

Did you know that around 4 billion videos are posted on Facebook every day? That’s a huge number! In fact, a video posted on Facebook receives more views than the video links to third-party websites such as YouTube. Then, there’s the recently introduced option of “Live Videos” that has given businesses the opportunity to keep their audience updated in real time, 24/7.

The first step to creating a killer video marketing strategy is to identify the platforms on which your target audience is most active. Now, let’s get down to business:

Introduce on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter

Want to give a little teaser about your product? Use these three platforms. Here’s what you can offer in a short video:

  • Product launch
  • Tour of the shop or office
  • Short interview (answering 3 questions max)
  • Respond to tweets
  • Easy how-to tips
  • Spontaneous, funny videos

Proceed to the Long Reveal – Facebook

A few ideas for Facebook videos that will help you get your brand out there are:

  • Training videos
  • Panel discussions
  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Events
  • Virtual conferences
  • Live events
  • A walk-through of the brand’s life


Don’t forget the CTA in all the excitement. Apart from providing a link at the end of the video, talk about it during the video too. You never know if the viewer stops watching the video after 30 seconds. An example is: “Follow me on XYZ platform” or “Tap the link below”.

Experiment with Short Videos

Want to make things interesting? Try the following three tricks on Instagram:

Hyperlapse – Time-lapse videos
Flipagram – Compiling images to form a video
Boomerang – Combining photos in such a way that a short video is formed with loops

Since YouTube gives you the best opportunity when it comes to uploading videos, make sure that every video you upload on the above mentioned social media platforms is visible on this channel too.

So, there you have it… pretty amazing, easy, and creative ways to use video marketing as a tool for making your brand successful. Wolf Digital Marketing in Peterborough, UK is a company that specialises in branding, web designing, and social media marketing strategies. From consulting services to building an ROI-based brand strategy, they promise to deliver great marketing results that will increase your brand’s engagement level by giving it more exposure.

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