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Social Media Mentoring and Training in Peterborough

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Social Media Marketing Mentoring for All Size Businesses

Did you know we also offer social media marketing mentoring for businesses and freelancers? We understand that you want to do things on your own, and perhaps just need some additional information, networks insight, fresh ideas, or just help developing strategies to grow your business with social media.

Social Media Training and Mentoring

Take control of your business social media presence!

Let me ask you a question… Do you know which social media channel your audience is using nowadays?

Bespoke Social Media Training

During our initial meeting, we will gather details about your business and really listen. Our goal is to help you to identify which channel or channels are more likely to have users interested in your products or services.

Our next step is to design a social media training or mentoring program that is tailored to you!

There are many courses out there which tells you what you should be doing, however, we believe that every business and niche has a different targeted audience. And they all need different strategies to make the most out of their marketing efforts.

Find out more about how we can help

Ready for a chat? If you are looking for a bespoke social media marketing training and mentoring give us a call 07721 730704 or just complete the form below.

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