Small Business Marketing Basic Tips

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07Jan, 2021

Let’s keep this short and simple. The best way to market your small business is to leverage social media and be forever present on it. Try that trick from Tom and Jerry and keep your eyes open using toothpicks because you absolutely cannot miss an opportunity at the starting point.

Where are our manners… we didn’t give you a proper introduction. Well… it’s because you don’t need one. Small business marketing requires you to employ every trick in the book to take your brand to the top, but this should be done strategically.

Following are four steps on how to market your brand online:

Step 1

Go Live – Build a Website

A website gives your brand an identity and a voice. When someone hears about your brand, the first thing they will do is search for it online. Here are the three things you need to focus on:

Domain: The URL and name should be concise and clear (long tail vs. short tail).
Design: The visitor should be able to navigate the website easily, the colour scheme should match the brand’s logo, and the website should have a mobile version.
Content: It should be useful, engaging, and relevant. Make sure to add a lot of pictures.

Step 2

Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

The best way to find your target audience is through social media and that means having presence on some of the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, and YouTube.

This is the place where you build your brand by using micro influencers, piggybacking on trending memes, using hashtags, posting about contests and free giveaways, providing instant feedback, and sharing live stories. There are hundreds of small business marketing tricks that you can use to keep the audience engaged. So start making posts and sending out tweets!

Step 3

Plan Digital Marketing Campaigns

Pay per click, use of high ranking keywords in the content, 15-sec ads, Google and Facebook ads, promotion posts, engagement posts… these are just some of the tools you can use for small business marketing. Find the campaigns that best match your brand’s voice, but make sure your target audience is not bombarded with these gimmicks. The primary purpose is to create brand awareness, not generating sales.

Step 4

Send Emails

Yes, emails are not dead, yet!

Google analytics will allow you to accomplish this step. If you want to leave an imprint, then sending emails is the best way to do it. Make sure that the emails you are sending do not contain much, except for impactful headlines or statements with pictures. Always give your customers the option to take the next step so that you can create leads and nurture them.

And that is how you market your brand.

Remember: these steps will help you to get in the game but future success depends on remaining consistent with your marketing strategies. Wolf Digital Marketing in Peterborough, UK is a company that specialises in branding, web designing, and social media marketing. From consulting services to building an ROI-based brand strategy, they goal is to deliver great marketing results that will increase your brand’s engagement level by giving it more exposure.

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