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According to, in 2018, about 64 percent  of paid Google search clicks originated from mobile, with mobile phones accounting for nearly 56 percent f total clicks. They also estimate that the number of mobile phones used in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by the end of 2019.

Mobile share of organic search engine visits in the United States from 4th quarter 2013 to 3rd quarter 2018, by platform

Mobile share of organic search engine visits


Establish organic online presence/generate leads while targeting multiple services and ensure that all assets are mobile friendly.


Complete marketing research, analysis and create a blueprint to achieve client’s goals. Create new website, landing pages, and video marketing. The new mobile friendly website allows for easy access by potential new patients and for mobile search indexing. In addition to creating branding videos, we also created video testimonials, which were used for advertising, as well as for ranking organically. Finally, we created winning ppc campaigns that generated an average 6 new warm-leads daily.