7 Digital Marketing Myths Explained

7 Digital Marketing Myths Explained
06Apr, 2022

Top Online Marketing Myths You Didn’t Know

Are you planning a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy? When you proceed, you will come across many myths about digital marketing that can hold you back. It’s time to separate fact from fiction. Let’s take a look at some of the most common digital marketing myths.

1. Click-through Rate Is Everything

This is not quite the case. Click-through rate indicates how many people clicked on your add and landed on your website’s landing page. It is a positive sign but it is not the ultimate measure of success. Your website will be successful if it is able to generate conversions and maximize the sales of your products and services.

2. Negative Reviews Are Bad

Bad reviews are much better than none at all. The fact that people have something to say means that you have a standing in the market and people want to approach you. If you get negative feedback, listen to it with great attention and address the concerns that people have. It will help you establish your brand’s reputation in the long run.

3. Email is Outdated

There cannot be a bigger lie when someone tells you that email is a thing of the past. A marketing plan is futile if emails are not being able to generate sales. Email marketing is a personalized and cost-effective method of promoting your brand.

4. SEO Is Over

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not dead. Combining a well-thought-out meta description with the right keywords and quality content is crucial for any marketing campaign.

5. Digital Marketing Is For Big Businesses

Digital is the need of time. There was a time when only established companies could afford digital marketing campaigns. With the startup culture on the rise now, it has become fairly convenient for young business enthusiasts to make their voice heard through social media. Saying that digital marketing is only for big businesses is not true.

6. Content – Once Done Job Done

Content has always been and will always be the king. It is the first and foremost way of communication with your customer. You cannot afford to post the same content over and over again or else your brand will decline in value. You need to keep on creating new and fresh content and also make sure that it is simple, readable and relevant.

7. Larger Traffic = Larger Sales

This myth is directly linked with the first myth that we talked about in this list of digital marketing myths. Just because someone is visiting your site does not mean he or she will buy from you as well. A visit to your website will not always lead to sales.

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